Career Readiness for Teens

Speaking Skills * Listening Skills * Problem Solving * Networking Skills
Work Ethic * Time Management * People Skills * Writing Skills

Student Book

career readiness for teens

Fact: 50% of high school graduates go directly into the world of work. Eventually, all students end up in the same inevitable destination. Students who enter the workplace with knowledge but without skills will struggle. The Student Book will convince students of the critical need for listening, networking, questioning, and people skills as well as the power of work ethic and the poison of intolerance. Career Readiness for Teens is an engaging, easy read that will help all students enter the real world prepared as well as educated.

Sample Chapters

Teacher's Guide

career readiness for teens teachers guide

The goal of this 10-day course is to make all students aware of multiple skills that will be needed to ensure they are 'career ready' before they arrive in the world of work. This will be accomplished through content provided in the Career Readiness for Teens student book as well as a series of individual and collaborative projects that are extremely relevant to your student's future success in the real world. The self-explanatory Teacher's Guide contains all daily lesson plans as well as necessary reproducible student handouts. The Career Readiness for Teens course is flexible and easy to integrate into any existing class. No teacher training is required to implement this project based resource.

Curriculum Premise Learning Outcomes Curriculum Projects

Post-Course Assessment

career readiness for teens assessment

Student performance in the Career Readiness for Teens course is based on project participation and completion, as well as a post-course assessment. The Post-Course Assessment consists of multiple choice and short-discussion questions. Throughout the short-course students will be evaluated on their speaking, writing, listening, and questioning skills. Students will also be evaluated on their ability to collaborate and to comprehend written text. The Post-Course Assessment 'master' is reproducible and can be used for years to come.

Sample Assessment Questions

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