Career Readiness for Teens

career readiness teachers guide


This 10-Day integrated curriculum is built around three projects: Seeing is Believing, The Power of Passion, and Secrets of Success. Each project is composed of a series of activities which are introduced within each “Day” in the lesson plan. The three projects are briefly described below and in complete detail within the Lesson Plan section of this guide. All projects are aligned to the Common Core Anchor State Standards.

Seeing is Believing – Project #1

In the Seeing is Believing project students will choose two (2) local businesses to observe. They will do one hour of observation at each business. After their observation process the students will write a 500-word narrative report on each business observed. Students will use a multitude of career readiness skills as they complete this project.

Purpose: To place students in an actual work environment so that they will be able to see what takes place on a typical business day. Seeing this, rather than just hearing about it and/or reading about it, will give students an opportunity to observe and evaluate different workplace situations.

Power of Passion – Project #2

The Power of Passion Project will require all students to research two (2) jobs that might fulfill their passion(s). This can be two jobs that fit one passion or one job for each of two different passions. After selecting two jobs to research, students will complete and submit a separate written report on each job.

After completing their written reports students will be required to make an oral presentation to the class on one of the jobs they researched.

Purpose: To help students start considering what their passion(s) might be and to begin exploring careers that could possibly match their passion(s).

Secrets of Success – Project #3

The Secrets of Success project will require students to create a list of people who they feel are successful. Each student will develop their own list of interview questions. Students will then complete a short interview (by phone or in person) with those successful people to determine to what the successful people attribute their success. A written report on each interview will be submitted for evaluation.

Purpose: To assist students in developing an appropriate definition of ‘success’ and then have them seek out people who fit their description of successful. Hearing directly from these successful people will expand all students’ understanding of what the real world future may present.

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