career readiness

Sample Assessment Questions

I. Multiple Choice Questions

1. Most successful people in this country _______________ as teenagers. (The Quiz)
            a. played multiple sports                                c. grew up wealthy
            b. served in student government                   d. had a part-time job

2. Seventy percent of people who lose or quit their jobs do so because of issues related to _______________. (The $2 Million Dollar Mouth!)
            a. poor people skills                  c. office gossip
            b. chronic tardiness                  d. body odor

3. Tolerance is the ability to recognize and respect _______________ that exist in others. (Are You Normal?)
            a. A. flaws                    c. differences
            b. strengths                  d. similarities


II. Discussion Questions

1. Review the six workplace skills Chad discusses on page 21. Evaluate these to determine which, in your opinion, has the greatest impact on success in the workplace. Explain your answer.

2. Chad’s $2 Million Dollar mistake taught him a valuable lesson. What was that lesson? Write about a time when you made a mistake that taught you a valuable lesson. (The $2 Million Dollar Mouth!)

3. Why does Chad say that intolerance is a “learned behavior?” What example(s) does he provide to support this claim? Explain how Chad suggests one might be able to unlearn intolerance. (Are You Normal?)

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