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ESPN2's Fly Fishing America
Enters 8th Season Under Host Chad Foster.

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Sure it’s a cliché, but what else can you say about a guy who gets paid to fly around the country in search of America’s finest fly fishing destinations?

From the marshes of Louisiana to the spring creeks of Montana....from the lakes of Minnesota to the flats of the Florida Keys....and every imaginable fishing hole in-between, Chad Foster and his talented production crew bring magical fly fishing moments to life week after week on ESPN2’s popular outdoor program, Fly Fishing America.

This season is no exception as Chad makes his way across America, fly rod in hand, to test his angling skills against a variety of species in both freshwater and salt water. It's an action packed season loaded with new faces and new places that will wet the appetite of every angler in search of fly fishing heaven.

Join the Fly Fishing America crew and host Chad Foster, arguably the luckiest guy in the world, as they kick off another season.

Fly Fishing America