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What do 21st Century Students Need in Order to Succeed?

  All students deserve and need a world-class education that will provide them with broad-based knowledge. To that end, it is imperative that the knowledge provided be relevant and that it be delivered in an engaging environment. Students must be made to understand the connection between what they are being asked to learn and how that content will apply to their workplace journeys later in life. Students who do not see that connection are less apt to complete the educational process, which greatly reduces their chances of success.

  If education is about knowledge, then preparation must be all about skills. Success in the real world will require both. Students who enter the world of work without vital 21st century skills will struggle. All skills must be learned and skills only improve if they are practiced. It is essential that all students be exposed to the essential 21st century skills they will need to succeed. It is equally important that these skills be taught in an engaging environment where students will have the greatest chance of acquiring these critical skills.

Chad Foster's dynamic project-based resources have proven to be immensely successful in delivering 21st century skills to students from all walks of life. Chad's engaging style of writing and kid-cool wit help students understand the need for, and importance of, these vital skills. In a time when the messenger is every bit as important as the message, Chad Foster is the perfect messenger to share real world wisdom with your students.

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