Teenagers-Preparing for the Real World

Pursuit of Dreams * Communication Skills * Career Exploration
People Skills * Community Service * Networking Skills

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Teenagers - Preparing for the Real World

More than one million middle and high school students have benefitted from the practical, relevant messages of Chad Foster's dynamic 100-page guide to success. Those valuable messages, delivered through engaging, entertaining stories, have motivated students from all walks of life to pursue dreams, value education, explore careers, make good choices, overcome obstacles, and engage in community service. The Student Book is a key component of the Teenagers Preparing for the Real World 10-day project based curriculum, however, this best-selling book can also be used as a stand-alone resource as part of in-class reading literacy strategies or as required summer reading.

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Teacher's Guide


This project-based short course has elevated student performance in 4,500 middle school and high school classrooms nationwide. A series of in-class, interactive projects create an engaging environment for all students to learn and practice a multitude of critical 21st Century skills. Implementation of the Teenagers Preparing for the Real World course is flexible and easy to integrate into any existing class, advisory period, or summer program. This self-explanatory Teacher's Guide includes a complete 10-day lesson plan as well as all reproducible student handouts and worksheets. No teacher training is required for successful implementation of the Teenagers Preparing for the Real World course.

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Motivational DVD

Chad Foster is one of America's most sought-after speakers on the subject of motivating students. This high energy, entertaining 'Chad Foster Live' DVD can be used to introduce students to the 10-day short-course or can be used as a stand-alone resource to motivate students from all walks of life. Share a powerful dose of real-world wisdom with your students through Chad's engaging 31-minute presentation. Help your students prepare to succeed with vital, timely messages delivered by a messenger to whom they will relate and respond.

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Reading Comprehension Test

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Student performance in this course is evaluated based on participation in the interactive projects, a portfolio submitted at the conclusion of the course, and scores on the Reading Comprehension Test. Instructions on developing student portfolios are provided throughout the lesson plans found in the Teacher's Guide. The Reading Comprehension Test 'master' is reproducible and can be used for years to come. This evaluation tool is designed to improve reading literacy.

For more information please send email to chadwfoster@att.net or call (706) 342-9189.