In-Class Projects


Prior to starting the actual projects, each student will read assigned chapters of Teenagers Preparing for the Real World. Scheduled reading days, as well as project days, are provided in the Teacher's Guide.

The 10-day integrated curriculum is developed around three in-class projects:

Project 1: "Meet a Stranger"
Project 2: "Unusual" Job Interview
Project 3: "Pick My Brain" Panel Discussion

Each project is composed of a series of activities which are introduced as different "days" in the lesson plans. The three projects are described below:

1. "Meet a Stranger"

This project will teach students how to start a conversation with someone they don't know regardless of that person's age, race, gender or professional status. Students will learn and practice the "art of conversation", the value of networking, and how to establish and develop contacts. Skills developed and practiced in this project:

* Communication Skills * Networking Skills * Listening Skills * Public Speaking Skills * Questioning Skills * People Skills

2. The "Unusual" Job Interview

Most students think there are only about 50 jobs to choose from in the real world. They just don't realize that there are really thousands of choices. This project introduces students to 20-30 "unusual" jobs that they are probably not aware of and opens their eyes to the possibilities of many others. Each student will interview, by phone, at least one person from the business community who has an unusual job. This is a perfect chance for students to practice their newly acquired communication skills. Students will submit a one page written report and give a one minute oral report to their classmates on the unusual job they researched.

This project will introduce students to 20-30 "contacts" in the business community. Those "contacts" will be entered into the students' address books, which will be turned in as part of their portfolio used to evaluate the students.

* Questioning Skills * Writing Skills * Listening Skills * Public Speaking Skills * Networking Skills * People Skills

3. The "Pick My Brain" Panel Discussion

A panel of four business people representing diverse age, race, gender and professional groups will respond to questions from students about their jobs, their careers and the steps they took on the road to success and/or failure. The panel discussion is set up in press conference format to insure an entertaining and non-threatening environment for students as well as panelists. Skills developed and practiced in this project:

* Questioning Skills * Networking Skills * Listening Skills * Public Speaking Skills

The real value of these projects lies in the fact that students who complete the 10-day short course will develop new skills that they can continue to practice and apply outside the four walls of a classroom.

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