Sample Test Questions


Pre/Post Test

1. The average Social Security payment a person currently receives per month is ____________.
a. over $2,000
b. less than $1,000
c. more than the average pay the person used to receive per month
d. more than enough to cover a person's monthly bills

2. Approximately how long will it take to pay off $1,000 in credit card debt
if your interest rate is 18% and you only make the "minimum payment" each month?

a. 30 years   c. 20 years
b. 8 years     d. 10 years

3.The money you make at your job day after day, week after week, is called ____________.
a. unearned income   c. disposable income
b. earned income      d. limited income

4. What percentage of bankruptcies are filed as a result of medical bills?
a. 40%   c. 35%
b. 20%   d. 9%

5. Which item(s) below would depreciate if you owned it (them)?
a. a car             c. a bike
b. a television    d. all of the above

6. If you borrow $20,000 for five years at 12% interest to purchase a car, how much will you actually pay for that car over the 5-year period?
a. $20,400    c. $31,200
b. $26,700    d. $40,750

7. What percentage of millionaires choose to buy used cars rather than new cars?
a. 20%    c. 23%
b. 10%    d. 40%

8. If you think someone is trying to scam you on the internet, you should contact the ____________.
a. FDA    c. FTC
b. DEA    d. IOC

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