Financial Literacy for Teens

Needs vs. Wants * Credit Card Debt * Secrets to Saving * Insurance Essentials
Charitable Giving * Multiplying Money * Taxes * Identity Theft

<em>Financial Literacy for Teens</em>

Student Book

Never has the need for financial education been so critical for all students. The global financial crisis of 2008 will certainly repeat itself if the cycle of financial illiteracy is not broken. The Student Book is a quick, easy read that provides a vital dose of real world wisdom through powerful stories about teens and young adults who have faced financial hardships – some incredibly tragic. Financial Literacy for Teens will convince students to develop good financial habits at an early age - habits that will enable them to successfully make, manage, multiply, and protect their hard-earned money.

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Teacher's Guide


The goal of this short course is to impart financial wisdom through interactive projects that will lead students to a better understanding of how to make good financial decisions throughout their lives. The 10-day curriculum is built around a series of in-class projects that are hands-on and extremely relevant to your students’ financial future. The self-explanatory Teacher’s Guide contains all daily lesson plans as well as all reproducible student handouts and worksheets. The Financial Literacy for Teens course is flexible and easy to integrate into any existing class. No teacher training is required to successfully implement this nationally resource.

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Motivational DVD

All great messages are only as good as the messenger who delivers them. Forever change the way your students think about money with the ‘Chad Foster Live’ motivational DVD. Credit Card Debt, Needs vs. Wants, Secrets to Saving, Insurance Essentials, and Good Spending Habits are the “hot topics” of this 40-minute high-energy presentation. Use this nationally acclaimed DVD as part of the Financial Literacy for Teens short course or as a stand-alone resource to prepare your students for a successful financial future.

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Pre/Post Test


Student performance in the Financial Literacy for Teens course is based on project participation, financial calculation accuracy, and a post-course assessment. Prior to beginning the course, students are given a pre-test to establish their level of financial literacy. The same test is given as a post assessment upon completion of the course. The Pre/Post test ‘master’ is reproducible and can be used for years to come.

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