Power of People Skills

career readiness teachers guide


“I Quit – You’re Fired” - Activity #1

In the I Quit…You’re Fired activity, students will first be asked to create a list of reasons why, they believe, people typically lose or quit jobs. After all lists have been shared with the class, students will compile a list of people they know who have either lost or quit their jobs. Names of those people may be changed to protect the innocent! Finally, students will write a short paragraph describing each of three people who have lost/quit jobs, the job(s) each person had, how long they held the job(s), and the reason each person no longer has their job. The class will collaborate on calculating what percentage of ‘job losers’ fall into the category of not getting along with co-workers, bosses, and/or customers.

“What to Do?” - Activity #2

The What to Do? activity is designed to present multiple scenarios in which students’ people skills, or lack thereof, will have substantial consequences. The project is set up to assess how students would respond to real life situations based on the tools they currently possess. This is accomplished through role play and collaboration with other students, making students aware of the ramifications of having, or not having, good people skills. Hang on to your seat, as this one gets slightly intense, while totally entertaining.

“The Secret Weapons” - Activity #3

Through the The Secret Weapons activity, students will be exposed to a variety of strategies for developing and improving their people skills. Concepts including Win-Win Engagement, the Art of Compromise, Agree to Disagree, and Danger of Burning Bridges will be introduced and discussed in this activity. Upon completion of this activity, students will be better prepared to deal with difficult people, uncomfortable situations, and unpleasant environments.

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