Poison of Intolerance

Writing Skills * Diversity Literacy * Questioning Skills
Collaboration Skills * Conflict Resolution * Listening Skills

Teacher Manual


Since 99% of all workers do not get to choose their co-workers, bosses and/or customers, intolerance of any kind will seriously limit workplace success and greatly diminish career opportunities. Students who expect to survive and succeed in the global workplace will need traits that enable them to work with and work for people from all walks of life. Intolerance is a learned behavior and therefore, with proper strategies, can be un-learned.

The Poison of Intolerance 7-day unit will address acceptance of differences, focus on similarities, and respect for diversity, all of which are essential to the process of un-learning intolerance.

The comprehensive Teacher Manual includes all lesson plans, daily schedules, reproducible student handouts, and evaluation tools needed to complete the 7-day unit. Implementation of the Poison of Intolerance short-course is flexible and easy to integrate into any existing class or Advisory period. No teacher training is required to implement this project-based resource.

NOTE: If you have access to Chad Fosterís Career Readiness for Teens student book, you may want to have students read the chapter titled Are You Normal? prior to starting this unit.

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