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High School 101


July 1, 2012

1,050 Schools Nationwide Implement New High School 101 Curriculum
Addressing High School Transition and 21st Century Skills

(Atlanta, Georgia) An innovative, project-based curriculum designed to prepare students to succeed in the classroom as well as the workplace was recently released by Rising Books, Inc. High School 101 requires students to not only learn 21st Century Skills, but also to use those vital skills in practical, project-based lessons. The ten independent units that make up the comprehensive High School 101 curriculum are specifically designed to address the research-based findings of two prominent studies/reports.

"The Silent Epidemic - Perspectives of High School Dropouts", funded by the Gates Foundation (March 2006) found that the majority of high school dropouts leave school because they are bored and/or do not see the relevance of what is being taught. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, in their "Results that Matter" report (March 2006), concluded that "Without 21st Century skills, young people will struggle to make informed life choices, participate effectively in civic life, and compete in the global economy."

Described as "right on target" by Diane Thompson who has implemented High School 101 in 40 Gwinnett County, GA schools, the High School 101 curriculum specifically targets high school transition by providing relevant content through unique, engaging activities. High School 101 addresses critical 21st Century skills in Communication, Personal Learning Styles, Technology Literacy, People Skills, Choices and Consequences, Test-Taking / Study Skills, Time Management, Business Literacy, Tolerance / Diversity, and Financial Literacy.

Co-Author, Chad Foster, is one of America's most sought-after speakers on the subject of motivating students and preparing them to succeed in the real world. Mr. Foster is the author of two best-selling books / curricula, Teenagers Preparing for the Real World and Financial Literacy for Teens. His books have been read by more than one million students and his innovative educational resources are used in 4,500 middle school and high school classrooms nationwide. A successful entrepreneur, Mr. Foster is credited with developing and marketing the soft, rubber playground surface seen at thousands of McDonald's restaurants around the world.

The High School 101 authorship team also includes Dr. Mike Hall, a nationally recognized expert on the subjects of High School Transition programs and Classroom Technology Integration. Dr. Hall is a former classroom teacher, was selected in 2003 as one of America's top ten principals, and served most recently as Deputy Superintendent for the Georgia Department of Education. Dr. Hall brings a research-based model to freshman transition that creates outstanding results when combined with the real-world, entrepreneurial activities developed by Chad Foster.

High School 101 is already making a significant difference in 1,050 schools in 48 states. This innovative curriculum provides a valuable tool for fully preparing students in grades 8-12 for classroom, as well as workplace, success. In a strong vote of confidence for this dynamic resource, the state of Georgia rolled out High School 101 in 240 middle schools and high schools.

For more information please send email to chadwfoster@att.net or call (706) 342-9189.