High School 101 - Handouts

High School 101

Click on the Excel spreadsheet below to download the handouts needed for High School 101 Unit 3. It is recommended that you have your school's Computer Specialist place the Excel (.xls) files onto the school server. When needed, your students should be instructed to open the file and, before inputing information, go to FILE >> SAVE AS, and save a copy of this file to their desktop. This will be the student's file for completing the day's activity.

(HINT: It is recommended that you keep a backup copy in the case of a student accidently saving over the original file. If this does happen, and you have no backup, you will need to download another copy from our website.)

Unit 3 Handout Handout TL13 High School 101 Unit 3 Handout Handout TL18 High School 101

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